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  OPEN THE DOOR to Diversity

While attending architectural school in Europe, I became interested in architectural history, its movements both modern and ancient, and the mystery of past civilizations. I wanted to connect the architecture to its original occupants. How was the building designed and constructed? How was it tied to the land? What was its use? This knowledge and respect of the architectural fabric of the past influences my approach today in interpreting form, proportion and environmental context.

Using this historic context as a guide, I strive to create something new. From this perspective, every element of the building has to have meaning and fit with the overall design concept. This approach applies in the design of a new home as well as a commercial project. The basic vocabulary is the same.

I also recognize that stemming the contamination of our environment is one of the greatest challenges currently facing the design and construction industry. That is why I am committed to the use of energy efficient building systems and renewable construction materials where possible to improve quality of life and preserve the environment.

With an appreciation of architecture in all its diversity, I do not pursue any single architectural style. Rather, I work within the desired styles of individual clients, ranging from period to contemporary, and guide them to fulfill their aspirations for each project.

Samuel Chereskin Jr., AIA


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